High School

Dear J

I see you.

I see you’re nervous, I see you’re scared.  I see you about to embark upon a new adventure.  I see you question yourself.  I see you wonder who you are becoming.  I see you beginning to separate.  I see you grow.  I see you discovering new things.  I see your shift. A beautiful shift into new territory.  It makes me both melancholy and excited at the same time.

I see you make new friends while never letting go of your old ones.  I see you take on challenges.  I see you grow wiser, offering perspectives I never dreamed you were ready to offer.  I see your doubts.  I see your stress.  I see your compassion.  I see how oblivious you are to the beauty you possess both inside and out. I see your wisdom grow with each passing year.  I see your generosity and, most importantly, I see your love.

One day soon you will inevitably pull further away as you dive headlong into the discoveries of life and we’ll have no choice but to watch from a distance.  This journey we’re on is an adventure that neither of us have experienced before but we’ll travel this road to the unknown together.
We’ll always strive to provide you with the tools, insight and encouragement to make your own choices and follow your own singular path in life. One pearl of wisdom that we can impart to you is that life is full of challenges. True, life can turn you upside down at times but whatever happens…don’t be afraid of it.  Living in fear isn’t truly living.  Embrace the new while respecting your past.  Forward movement is key.

You’ll undoubtedly meet new friends along the way and perhaps even feel melancholy for some old ones that might slowly drift away.  But friends who are earnest and true are the ones who won’t disappear despite differences, the passage of time or the geography between you. With true friends you can pick up regardless of where you left off and hold each other up when you both might need it the most…no questions asked.

While you may become disheartened by friends at times and you will learn from that as well.  You’ll eventually discover who and what is most important to you.  You’ll recognize how to navigate it all without losing yourself.  You’ll learn that being your authentic self is what’s most important.  This path to discovery is uniquely your own.  Be sure to leave some pedals along the way to find your way back if need be but what lies ahead is significant, vital and valuable.
Be present, be true and be you.

Love you.


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