New Beginnings

L.A. truly is a hot bed for a variety of eclectic, talented, and eccentric individuals. With each passing year, the city seems to come even more alive with the wonderful people that occupy it. The other fantastic aspect of the city is that everyone seems to have a place they call their Sanctuary whether it’s a loft, an apartment, a beach house, or a Spanish Hacienda. Having such a spot feels almost imperative here because L.A. doesn’t always foster the bustling social city life like other major metropolitan locales such as New York. With it’s almost year-round outdoor culture, people tend to entertain at home here because even if you are in an apartment, it’s still likely to be a much larger space than what a New York can offer. We decided to explore one such space from our friend, musician, New Media marketing guru and all around talented guy: Jeff Watson.

Jeff maximized his new space and created a perfect sanctuary for himself with the help of designer Jamie B Interiors. He gave little direction to Jamie, just laid out his unique likes: Punk, Clown Paintings, Classic Country and Mid-Century Furniture. Oh, and David Lynch.

According to Jeff, she nailed it. We think so too, which is why we wanted to feature his lovely abode on The Poetry of Living! Not only did Jamie create a spectacular space for Jeff, she also brought his diverse personality and interests to life.

Photos courtesy: Jamie B. Interiors

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