Marisa & Jonathan’s Silverlake Home

Every home has a history, a past, its own story…something that makes it special and unique. When the history is distinct, it’s important not to hide from the past but rather celebrate and bring out what many years of additions, renovations and restorations might have damaged. When Marisa and her husband Jonathan bought their 1920’s house in Silverlake, they could envision this past and set out to reestablish it to its former glory while also injecting some of their own history and style within it. The Spanish-Mediterranean style home was victim to an 80’s addition that took much of the original detail out of the interior and left the space feeling uninspired. Having the ability to envision what potential there is inside is important when tackling a renovation and Marisa’s plan was to bring back the initial Spanish style while also infusing some of her family’s Mediterranean heritage.

From the minute you turn the corner down the street, you can appreciate the curb appeal (helped along by our friend and landscape designer Maggie Lobl of Echo Landscape Design.)

Marisa & Jonathan's Silverlake Home

When entering the side door, you step into the kitchen, which was opened up to create more space. A Moroccan tile backsplash highlights the white marble countertops.

Marisa & Jonathan's Silverlake Home

Each bathroom was also completely redone w/ a mixture of a Moroccan and Mosaic inspired feel. The upstairs bathroom has a Portuguese inspired mix of tile with a marble mosaic flooring. They also replaced the hardware on the doors with original brass knobs and hinges, giving the upgrade an authenticity and nod towards its former 1920’s splendor.

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Throughout the property there is also a star inspired tile theme that is a ‘love letter’ to their daughter Celeste, including a fountain in the courtyard entry and a medallion outside the front entry fashioned like a compass pointing towards the front door. It’s these little touches that really make this house a home. The memories filling in each room give it a personal and inviting warmth.

The living room wall is adorned with pictures of old maritime ships (something Marisa’s father loved.) One of their prized possessions is a model ship her father received from good friend Norma Shearer from when she was married to Irving Thalberg. Thalberg, producer of Mutiny on the Bounty, supposedly conducted a nation wide search to create the ship that would become the model for the film. Norma, knowing her friend’s love of ships, had given the rumored winning model to Marisa’s father and it now sits proudly atop a custom cabinet (built by our friend Joshua Kartsch) as you walk up the stairs to the top floor.

Marisa & Jonathan's Silverlake Home

From the artwork to the custom tile and finishes, this Silverlake home is once again living up to its full potential.

Marisa & Jonathan's Silverlake Home

Photos by: Devin Sarno

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  • Mike says:

    This is a very beautiful home. I love what they did to it to restore it to its former glory.
    And you are right Kelly. Every home does have a story; a memory for every room within a home. I think that’s what makes a home special, no matter how big or how small. The memories that a home has within is its heart. And as long as we keep those memories alive, that heart within a home will never die. A home will always be a part of us because we keep those memories with us always.

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