The theme is time. Time in a bottle, time flies, time stands still… all those things that people have said in the past that you laugh or brush off lightly. Until ‘Time’ seems to catch up and start to speed by and you are left wondering how can you slow it down? Time is especially apparently when watching the growth of your child. Each day something new occurs or a statement comes out of their mouth you might not of heard before that makes you realize time is passing by and you must remember to appreciate it.

In the last few months, time has gotten away from me. It’s been a whirlwind of negotiations, renovations and reinventions. Before you know it, months have passed by and you’re behind schedule and what you thought was a given timetable has become lost. It’s not all bad though, not at all. There are memories made, new roads paved and new avenues explored.

Time has a way of making things change. One time, not that long ago, the living room was barely used in our house. We had a family room so another room for sitting always seemed odd. Then, after some time and some new paint, it’s now the room we love to be in the most. There is a certain light and love that shines in this room. It helps that it became the dog’s favorite as well since he can perch on a chair and stare down to the street below, watching the time drift by throughout the day. It was a room that was lost until that time when it wasn’t any more. Maybe it’s the record player, maybe it’s the bright walls but mostly it’s just the feeling it brings each of us now.

Time also has a way of shifting things out of place. The time it took to grow the beautiful tree that shades our back yard hasn’t been as positive. 60 years of growth is young for a tree so the roots keep expanding. This time next year, we’ll probably have said goodbye to that big beautiful tree. We will feel the loss in the heat of the sun but we’ll grow another tree, further from the house, and in time, it will be our new shady friend.

Then there is that time when your best friend comes to visit. Someone you haven’t seen in 5 years or 6 or at least for some time. And you realize, no time has past, you are still the same friends. Some differences of course, and wiser, always wiser. As time goes by you learn more and see more but that doesn’t change how you feel. Even with time, you’re feelings don’t change, except to maybe grow more fond of or more in love of those you are meant to grow with for this lifetime.

Soon the time will come when your child leaves the nest or when you can’t remember the last time you held her hand. But for now, time can stand still, just for a minute. Time can last a little longer and we can have enough time to say what we feel and how much those we love mean to each of us.

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