Christmas 2015

With December upon us, and the wrap up of 2015 just within arms length, this particular time of year is one that truly brings out the excitement of the season and bids the year in one glorious adieu. When speaking with someone just yesterday they stated, rather than asked, ‘You’re a Christmas person aren’t you?” It can’t be helped because my excitement for this season is near impossible to contain. As the days are shorter and the temperature is actually cold at night, it helps bring out the joy even more.

One of my favorite things is seeing how everyone approaches Christmas differently. I could spend hours looking through a home decorated for the holidays. There is always a story behind a certain collection of ornaments or an heirloom nutcracker that’s been in the family forever. My sister has her own special little Christmas tree decorated with nothing but Disney themed Christmas bobbles. So fun to see how it grows over the years.

The best is when we all gather around for a large Christmas feast, often on Christmas Eve. It’s so lovely to sit around a beautifully decorated table while presented with mouthwatering dish after dish! It’s that time when we all come together and enjoy each other’s company while the children barely contain their excitement for the morning to come. It’s a time for cousins, nieces & nephews, aunts and uncles…and all the love that can fill a room.

We wish you and yours a happy holiday season and hope you enjoy the following sample of some of our favorite holiday décor…

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  • Sharon says:

    Kelly, Iam always in awe of how beautifully decorated your home is during Christmastime, it looks and feels so cozy and inviting.
    Love you

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